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At Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe, we are committed to protecting our surroundings, both the natural environment and our working environment, to the benefit of all of our clients and investors. To do this we have implemented Social Responsibility and Sustainability at all levels as part of our day-to-day management, thus creating a way of life for everyone who works with the Group. We work together to create a positive and lasting impact through our four committees and through various activities that help us obtain tangible and measurable results, thus continuing our trajectory of ongoing improvement.


The objective of our Community Relations Committee is to manage activities that have a positive social impact, through corporate and local programs that bring together interest groups in the company, helping us work towards the greater good. We are pleased when our employees want to be part of social programs, as these activities improve the quality of life of the communities that surround us through teamwork, and sharing our skills and our time.


The objective of our Environmental Committee is to manage activities that conserve and protect the environment; it also supports good relationships through corporate and local programs. We encourage our employees to be environmentally responsible so that with their participation in our environmental programs, we can create a positive impact on our surroundings, and further reduce the negative impacts we might cause as we perform our activities.


Our Corporate Ethics Committee guides our employees towards creating the greater good and towards working in a manner that complies with our ethical values and the transparency we have included in our Code of Ethics and Conduct, which is a pillar of our philosophy. We strive for harmonious coexistence among all of our stakeholders, in which employees of Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe play the leading role in attaining our objectives.


Our Life Quality Committee manages activities that support the well-being and growth of employees within GHSF. We support healthy living, well-being, and physical, mental and emotional satisfaction. We encourage our employees to be responsible so that through their participation in the Quality of Life programs we can improve our living conditions at the company, and our personal and professional objectives as a whole.

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