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About Us

We consider, we are one of the biggest companies in the hotel industry in Mexico, focused in getting, develop and operate, a unique multi brand and multi market strategy. Said strategy lets us offer different experiences adequate to each market, and maximize the profitability of our investments.

Our executive committee has a long career in the hotel industry in México with an average experience of 28 years. Together, this team has acquired and developed more than 10,000 rooms in México and Latin America.


Ensure that our guests and customers live pleasing and unforgettable experiences through strategic collaborators, passionate about the quality and service, which together with a good management, will enable us to generate the expected profitability by our partners, shareholders and investors.

Be recognized as one of the best hotel companies for their high profitability, professional ethics and confidence, quality in their products and services, with collaborators proud of belonging to the group.
  • Honesty and loyalty.
  • Enjoy what we do (have fun).
  • Focus on business.
  • People oriented.
  • Vocation of service.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Socially responsible.

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All Rights Reserved. Krystal Hotels form part of GHSF (Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe), as well as they operate Hilton in Guadalajara, Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort-All Inclusive and Hilton Garden Inn in Monterrey Brands.