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Our operation model is known for an strict, multi functional and efficient expense control, that allows a quick adaptation and reaction to the industry's needs. Part of our strategy consists in adding hotel assets with strategic value to us and that offer a long term potential growth and profitability in different relevant markets.

We have the capacity to add assets to our existing portfolio, either through purchase or development of properties or through operation contracts and deals with hotel owners. We consider that our diverse property portfolio, our profitability focused management and our multi brand strategy, help us with the securing of agreements for the operation of third party hotel assets.

Our hotels operate in the 4 stars, 5 stars and Gran Turismo markets in Mexico, and offer the European and All Inclusive plans. We also offer Holiday Plans, which allows us to balance the annual occupation in the hotels, securing an income through Maintenance Fees thus generating potential clients for other services (such as food an beverages)




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All Rights Reserved. Krystal Hotels form part of GHSF (Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe), as well as they operate Hilton in Guadalajara, Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort-All Inclusive and Hilton Garden Inn in Monterrey Brands.