Environment Committee

Beach Clean-Up

Selected hotels: Krystal Cancun, Krystal Grand Punta Cancun, Krystal Urban Cancun, Krystal Vallarta, Krystal Beach Acapulco

This committee aims at raising employees’ awareness so that we can work together with our neighboring hotels and show them the importance of teamwork. Additionally, it helps raise the awareness of tourists and local residents to keep all areas in the best possible conditions and reduce waste pollution.

Recycling, Reduction and Waste Management

Selected hotels: Krystal Urban Cancun, Hilton Guadalajara, Hilton Puerto Vallarta
Key partnerships: R de Reciclaje (R for Recycling), Recicla tu ropa (Recycle your Clothes), Tapatón, Regenera Peninsular S.A. de C.V.

The goal is to properly separate different types of solid waste generated in the hotel, in order to determine those that can be destined to recycling actions and to reduce the environmental impact. Additionally, this program promotes a saving mentality by not giving straws to guests with their drinks unless they ask for one.

Earth Hour

Selected hotels: Krystal Cancun, Krystal Grand Punta Cancun, Krystal Urban Cancun, Hilton Guadalajara

The hotels turn off the lights and energy sources during one hour to show our interest in preventing climate change and our commitment to planet Earth.

Turtle release

Selected hotels: Krystal Puerto Vallarta, Krystal Cancun, Krystal Grand Punta Cancun, Hilton Vallarta, Krystal Acapulco

The goal is to help protect turtles from smuggling, contribute to species preservation, record the number of registered and hatched turtles, and raise awareness of the importance of preserving the species with guests and collaborators at the time of their release.

Garden pollinator

Selected hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Monterrey

The hotel created a pollinator garden dedicated to the migrating monarch butterfly, thus supporting this migratory phenomenon. The reforestation of this area of the property allows the butterflies to find a place to rest and pollinate while flying above the city of Monterrey.

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