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Tips Anónimos de GHSF (GHSF Anonymous Tips) is an internal integral system that aims to promote and fulfill the values and institutional principles, correct behavior, and ethical standards that guide our actions to generate a healthy work environment.

The Ethics and Conduct Code plays a key role in establishing the basis for strengthening our Ethical Culture. It is our collaborators’ responsibility to become familiar with the Code, understand it, and apply it at all times, reporting any behavior that goes against it.

To fulfill this purpose, we have made available to our collaborators the GHSF Anonymous Tips website where they can submit any reports in a simple, safe, reliable and confidential way.

Such reports receive follow-up by an external consulting firm with plenty of experience in this area. This firm also offers this Ethical Line right at its service center, which represents an unbiased, safe, and confidential mean to place a complaint.


Anonymous Tips is committed to keeping the complainant’s identity safe if so required by him/her. Anonymous Tips will only use the information provided by the complainant to prepare a report that will be sent to the GHSF Ethics Committee, where the reported facts will be analyzed and corresponding action will be determined to find a solution to the reported fact.

If you are a GHSF employee and have experience or have knowledge of any irregular situation or any breach or omission of the values and/or our Ethics and Conduct Code, you may report it through any of these means:

  1. Free telephone line: 01800 910 00 09
  2. Email:
  3. Web site: 
  4. Zip code: Galaz, Yamazaki, Ruiz Urquiza, S.C, CON-080 Cd de México, C.P. 06401
  5. Fax: (55) 5255 1322
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