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Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe is committed to caring for our natural environment and workspace for the benefit of all our clients. That is why we implement social responsibility and sustainability as part of our day-to- day management at all levels, thus generating a sustainable lifestyle for all our collaborators. We work together to create a positive and meaningful impact through the following four committees, which ensure the fulfilment of tangible and measurable results through continuous improvement.

Community Relations Committee

Our Community Relations Committee aims to manage tasks with positive social impact through corporate and local programs that bring together the different interest groups of the company, directing it to common good. We seek for our collaborators to be part of social intervention programs to improve the community’s quality of life through teamwork, sharing talent and time.

Environmental Committee

Our Environmental Committee manages activities that promote caring and protection the environment as well as establishing good relationships with others through corporate and local programs. We promote our collaborators’ environmental responsibility so that their participation in environmental programs helps us create a positive impact in our environment, eventually reducing any negative impact that our daily activities have.

Business Ethics Committee

Our Business Ethics Committee guides our collaborators towards the common good so that we can all work in accordance with the ethical values and transparency set out in our Ethics and Conduct Code, which is the pillar of our philosophy. We seek an environment of relatedness and trust among all our stakeholders, where Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe's collaborators are the key players in achieving these objectives.

Quality of Life Committee

Our Quality of Life Committee manages activities that promote the well-being and growth of all our employees, promoting their well-being and their physical, mental, and emotional fulfillment. Our collaborators’ participation in the Life Quality programs helps us improve life conditions within the company and allows us to achieve our personal and professional goals.

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